Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June update

We strongly advise you to go to Darkness Shade Records and pre-order a copy of the Avulse/Auspicium split. Only 66 copies, and 16 of them are with a special artwork, done by Subtrocity. Seriously. If these go even half as fast as Thousand Year Goatreich did, they'll still be gone before you know it.

Standard Artwork

Limited Artwork


In First Church specific news, we are now taking orders for our first release. So here is ISL-001:
Wholy Failure - New Endtimes for Old Models
Wholy Failure plays Harsh ritualistic ambient drone, that occasionally crosses into Power Electronics territory. Unpretty, Unrelenting, Unmusic.
This release will be limited to 25. It will be priced $2.00 plus shipping. To order, send an Email to patrickahasson@gmail.com

Wholy Failure

Transmission out.
First Church of the Left-Hand Path

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