Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yo, long time no update.

First off, the following items are sold out and I, or the labels they came out on, will never have them again (so if you have a copy, cherish it).

Auspicium - Dawnland (Thorn Laceration Records #/60)
Auspicium/Avulse - I'll Still Laugh when All Around Me is Dust (Darkness Shade Records, 2 covers #/16, #/50)
Avulse - Thousand Year Goatreich (Darkness Shade Records #/25)

Wholy Failure is sold out. I will probably repress a smaller run soon when the rest of my Trilogy of Human Extinction comes out. NEfOM was the first chapter in that. This December will bring the second, Avulse - Granted but Grace from this World, on Darkness Shade Records. The final piece will be out in 2010 and is the long awaited "Death Will Claim Us All" LP from Auspicium.

In other Auspicium news, the split with the artist sometimes known as Jake Newcomb is back up and closer than ever to completion. Look for it sometime in the next few months.